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Matthew Berdyck – Acts of Terrorism – Part 1

Matthew Berdyck – Pretend Environmental Activist

Location Unknown, USA – When most people are usually asleep in bed Matthew Berdyck – A Dangerous Predator On The Run lies awake at night typing away as the pretend environmental activist/keyboard warrior he is.

Matthew Sends Threats Via Email

On Saturday, October 13, 2018 at 1:58 AM, Matthew wrote an email to the FBI, media outlets, and multiple victims of his saying he was going to start committing aggressive and eye-opening acts of eco-terrorism at US Nuclear Facilities until the FBI is forced to investigate a series the series of events. (See Copy of Email Below)

Nothing Left To Lose

Matthew claims that his victims, the media, and the FBI has destroyed his life, and work. As a result, he is going to escalate the matter until the FBI and media investigate, and he makes it very clear that he has nothing left to lose.

Terrorist In The Making

Matthew Berdyck continues to become more aggressive by stating not only is he going to commit acts of eco-terrorism but that he is also going to publish instructions for building dirty bombs and the locations of the nuclear materials to build it.

Matthew believes that a group called “MBVR” (Not affiliated with this site) is responsible for making Mr. Berdyck create horrible acts of destruction around the country.

It’s quite clear that Berdyck wants nothing more than for the world to pay attention to him and to recognize him as a famous journalist, and environmental activist though we question how Matthew thinks these actions will net him the results he is looking for.

If you happen to cross paths with Matthew, run away and call 911 immediately. Mr. Berdyck is a WANTED Outlaw! He is currently running from (3) three arrest warrants in the State of Ohio.


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