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EPA Confirms Toxic Waste Levels Dropping

The EPA confirms that the Superfund Site at Summit Supplies has been tested for toxic waste and the remediation is on schedule as toxic waste levels are dropping.

EPA Reviews Overview

Previous EPA reviews in 2003, 2008, and 2017 stated that no additional remedies were needed and that the site was on schedule as toxic waste levels lower. The 2017 review was the EPA’s third review of the superfund site near Nesmith Lake. Five year reviews are required in cases where toxic wastes are managed on-site to assure the cleanup continues to protect public health and the environment under federal Superfund rules.

Initial Clean Up History

The primary cleanup of the Summit Supplies superfund site took place from Sept 1998 thru Nov 2000. The costs for initial cleanup was an 11 million dollar ($11,000,000.00) project and included the removal of up to 4 feet of soil and debris laced with PCB’s and other toxic waste. More than 65,000 tons got disposed of under EPA guidelines.

The military-surplus electrical transformers bought the PBS’s into the ground. Summit supplies used the land during the late 1960s and early 1970s and that was when the toxic waste was put in the ground. Soils also were contaminated with mercury and copper from various items from that era.

In the 1980s, groundwater on and under Summit supplies also showed pollution from chromium, a heavy metal, and five toxic chemicals. The contaminated aquifer is being allowed to cleanse itself naturally, and that appears to be working according to their testing at the EPA.

BEWARE of Fake Media Sources

Do not trust any Facebook posts or claims from an unknown media source, as they have proven to be unreliable and working with a political agenda in some cases.

There are many scams permeating social media with fake news about the Summit Supplies site and the EPA from disreputable people. Always check your sources and make sure they are qualified to make statements about toxic waste. People’s lives are at stake and you have to find reliable, honest sources of information. Fake .org’s have been known to take this cause and twist it into their own personal agenda. Do not fall for these scams.

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