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EPA Updates On The Summit Supplies Superfund Site In Akron, Ohio

Summit Supplies Five-Year Report Release From The EPA

According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s website, there is a lot of false information being spread throughout the Akron, Ohio area by a person with no knowledge or expertise about toxic waste. Please keep yourself informed by reliable and accurate scientists like the EPA.
“Based upon groundwater monitoring results, the five-year report indicated that virtually all hazardous substances of concern have fallen below their remedial goals.”
From the 1950s to the mid-1980s, the Site owners and operator Summit Equipment & Supplies, Inc., engaged in the purchase and salvage of used electrical and other industrial equipment, such as motors, transformers, lead cables, car batteries, and munitions shells, in order to salvage their metal components. These activities resulted in the soils and groundwater at the Site being widely contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls (“PCBs”) and heavy metals, among other hazardous substances.

1987 Emergency Removal

In an emergency removal action in 1987, EPA addressed the on-site and off-site threat from PCBs through site stabilization, namely, off-site disposal of 1,282 empty transformer casings and 286 empty capacitors, and incineration of 825 gallons of PCB oil. Additional scientific studies by EPA confirmed that the soils at the Site were heavily contaminated with PCBs and that heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury, zinc and copper) represented another significant contaminant to be addressed. In May 1991, EPA suspended removal activities after uncovering military ordinance in the ground.

PCBs In The Soil

In June 1998, EPA issued the Record of Decision for the Site, which identified the principal threats as PCBs in the soil, and chromium and volatile organic compounds (“VOCs”) in the groundwater at the Site. Under the ROD, the remedial action the soils at the Site required: (1) excavation and off-site disposal of soils contaminated with PCBs, as well as copper and mercury, until remedial goals were met; and removal of unexploded ordinance. The groundwater remedial action at the Site required monitored natural attenuation of groundwater, for up to 30 years, until remedial goals were met to EPA standards.

In November 2000, DLA completed the soil remediation required under the ROD after excavating for off-site disposal more than 65,000 tons of soil. After DLA issued its final soil remediation report, EPA found that the soil remediation for the Site was successfully completed and closed out this aspect of the remedy in August 2002.

1st Five-Year Review

In August 2003, EPA issued its first Five-Year Review Site Report to assess whether remaining remedial actions being implemented at the Site are protective of human health and the environment. Based upon groundwater monitoring results, the five year eport indicated that virtually all hazardous substances of concern have fallen below their remedial goals. Thus, natural attenuation of substances of concern in the groundwater at the Site is occurring as scheduled. In just two monitoring wells, some VOCs are still being detected above their respective Maximum Contaminant Levels (“MCLs”). However, VOCs are not being detected above respective MCLs in the wells that are downgradient, indicating that VOCs are not migrating off-site at significant concentrations that pose a risk to human health or the environment. Accordingly, the groundwater remedy is being implemented successfully at the Summit Supplies Site.

BEWARE of Con-Artist

Be wary of anyone pretending to be an expert or having an unregistered “organization” that will attempt to profit from fear-mongering about toxic waste. The EPA has done the real testing at the Summit Supplies Site and they have the real information, not some fly-by-night fake organization.

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